DIY Window Shutter Projects 

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We already know how great window shutters are. Adding window shutters to your Elk Grove, CA home is a great way to boost energy efficiency, style, value, and function. Did you know, however, that there are also ways you can use shutters, for those same benefits, after they’re no longer being used as shutters?

If you’re replacing the shutters on your home with new ones, don’t be so quick to throw them away. There are tons of ways to use old window shutters beyond their standard service as window treatments. Looking for inspiration for your window shutters?

Check out this list of fun, simple and stylish DIY shutter projects:

  • Barn Doors – Modern farmhouse style is all the range right now. Get a piece of the chic farm life action by using your old shutters as barn doors in your home. Like real barn doors, barn door shutters slide back and forth on a track for a rustic yet functional way to divide a room, close a closet, or any other way you would use a sliding interior door. You can use the shutters without the frames and mount them to a barn door style tracking system or a top and bottom track system like those used on sliding patio doors.
  • Cabinet Doors – Custom cabinets are gorgeous and fun, but they can be expensive. Instead of buying new custom cabinets, just repurpose your shutters. Solid, raised panel shutters look a lot like classic cabinet doors, while louvered plantation shutters are perfect for a cottage-style kitchen with some country flair.
  • Closet Doors – Closets hide away all that stuff that you don’t want anyone to see, but that doesn’t mean that the closets themselves can’t be stylish. You can cover a linen closet, bedroom closet, or any kind of open storage space with plantation shutters. The shutters give you the privacy you need to cover up the closet, the style you want to make the room look unique, and the function you desire to make it easy to open and close the closet quickly and easily. You can also control how much the slats are open or closed for more or less visibility into the space.
  • Mock Windows – Sometimes rooms don’t have any windows or not enough windows to your liking. You can create the look of more windows with shutters. Mount outside mount shutters on the exterior of the home to make the illusion that the shutter is covering up a window. This is great for creating symmetry on the outside of a home. You can also mount a shutter on the inside of the home and then put up a poster or some artwork with outdoor scenery on it to create the illusion of a window on the inside of a room.

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These are just a few of the many, many ways you can repurpose old shutters in your home. If you’re ready to install new shutters in order to free up your old ones, just reach out to The Shutter Source. We offer a range of Elk Grove, CA window shutter services.