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Which window shutters should I choose?

There are many types of window shutters that you may like and it all depends on what material is used. The most common type of window shutters is wood shutters. Wood shutters can be a good choice for your home as they can easily complement your home’s interior.

Homeowners know there are many ways to solve their need for window coverings that are both stylish and functional. Drapes, curtains, blinds, valances, and decals all have their place, but did you know that only window shutters in Elk Grove, CA can increase your home’s resale value? But that’s not the only reason to choose shutters as your preferred window covering. Here are several of the advantages that window shutters have to offer:

window shutters elk grove ca 300x1991. Privacy – Daytime or nighttime privacy is an important shutter function. Other window coverings also provide this same benefit, but a well-made shutter system provides more gradient control. Shutters can be quickly adjusted to maintain your in-home privacy while at the same time, they can be adjusted to allow a desired amount of light into a room.

2. Protection – Shutters provide excellent protection against summer sun and heat. They act as an additional barrier of insulation, increasing the ability of your home to resist fluctuating temperatures of the weather. They also help you to avoid UV light that can damage furniture and carpets in your home.

3. Maintenance – Cleaning and servicing shutters are much easier to do than other window covering options. Their wide, fixed louvers are significantly more stable to work with. They are much easier to clean than blinds. This is because blinds are generally free-hanging, thin, and flexible. The louvers of blinds are much closer together, which means that they require much more surface area to cover the same window area. These attributes make blinds much more of a hassle to wipe down or dust than shutters.

4. Aesthetics – It’s hard to beat the beauty and style that a craft made shutter system can add to a room. When done well, their overall style enhances the beauty of the room. Even the shutter’s quality of material and construction can contribute to the ownership experience. The manner of their build does not require any stringed louver assemblies or dangling cords. They are a fixed part of the home that provides both decorative beauty and functional use.

5. Light control – Shutters provide maximum light control for a given room. When fully closed you can almost completely shutout daylight, or when fully opened you can allow the full light of day into your home. Unlike blinds or curtains, the ability to incrementally adjust the louvers provides full gradient control of the light entering the room. Blinds are comparable, but by their very design, they will always allow some light in.

6. Longevity – If properly maintained and cared for, window shutters in Elk Grove, CA can last for decades. They are built to withstand years of useful service to you and your family. If the occasional repair is ever needed, an expert can handle and return them to proper working condition without too much difficulty.

7. Safety – Perhaps the greatest advantage of shutters is that they are comparably safer than other window covering options. Children and pets have been known to become entangled in dangling cords that blinds, drapery, and curtains use. This entanglement can lead to injury and even death. Tragedies like this can be avoided by choosing a quality shutter system.

8. Home Value – We mentioned this one before, but it’s worth repeating. Shutters are the only window treatment that can increase the value of your home. This documented fact makes your purchase of a shutter system more of an investment than a consumable cost.

9. Overall Performance – The window shutter is considered by many to be the supreme window treatment solution. It consistently ranks among the best value in terms of function, beauty, maintenance, safety, and durability.

Superior Window Shutters in Elk Grove, CA

window shutters elk grove ca interior 300x225For more than 40 years, we’ve been building high-quality window shutters for home and office buildings. Our owner, Irv Schnell, has consulted with many of the nation’s leading window shutter manufacturers, advising them on the intricacies of the craft and business. Under his leadership, we’ve even developed our own flagship Duracore Shutters™ product line.

Duracore Shutters™ are made by forming polymer foam over a strong aluminum core, creating a durable product that is easy to use and maintain. Customers who bought this product appreciate the quality and performance of the materials. Duracore Shutters™ are affordable, efficient, and non-toxic, having received the sought-after Greenguard certification for our strict adherence to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

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Our customers know the quality of our products and craftsmanship. As one of the premier shutter manufacturing companies in the area, we stand behind our products. When you’re ready to get started creating window shutters in Elk Grove, CA for your home or office, come and see us. The Shutter Source is located at 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742. You can call anytime for a friendly conversation with one of our professionals at (877) 333-9424.

Exterior Shutter Installation near Me

You will save hundreds of dollars by installing your own exterior window shutter if you have simple equipment and skills. If your location is in Elk Grove, CA then simply use the internet and type “Shutter Installation near Me” you will find us on the search results. You can talk to us if you are in need of affordable, good and quality products for various kinds of shutters like Duracore Shutters, Wood Shutters and Exterior Shutters. If you are DIYer of shutter installation, our friendly and concern staff at The Shutter Source are here for you!

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The Shutter Source is proud to offer window shutters in Elk Grove, CA. If you call Elk Grove your home, you can rely on us to provide the best window shutters in Elk Grove, CA.

Never worry about spending too much on window shutters in Elk Grove, CA again because in The Shutter Source we make sure to provide the best window shutters without sacrificing too much of your budget.

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  • What are the different kinds of stylish shutters to choose from?
    • There are a few different kinds of stylish shutters to choose from for your home:
      • Exterior Shutters – The most traditional kind of exterior shutter, be it raised panel or louvred style, offers a warm and welcoming décor look.
      • Interior Shutters – Interior shutters are mostly for function, as they offer both light control and weather protection. 
      • Plantation Shutters – Plantation shutters are usually exterior shutters that offer the style of traditional exterior shutters and the functionality of interior shutters.
  • What to consider when painting your window shutters?
    • If you are considering painting your window shutters, you need to be sure that you consider a few things:
      • Do you have operable shutters? – There are a few key things to think about when it comes to painting operable shutters. For instance, operable shutters are usually exposed on both sides, so it’s important to paint both sides the same color to match.
      • Watch the hinges – If you want to keep operable shutters operable after a paint job, you need to be careful when painting around the hinges and louvers. 
      • Be careful of paint thickness – Don’t paint shutters with too many coats of paint, as this can make them too big to open or close properly. 
      • Check weather rating – If you are painting exterior shutters, you need to make sure that you choose a paint that has a good weather rating, meaning that it will last a long time in the face of sun and moisture exposure.
      • Choose proper paint for your material – Different shutters are made from different kinds of material, and each kind of material requires a different kind of paint. Read more.
  • What are the different kinds of window shutters?
    • There are lots of different kinds of window shutters, below are some of those various shutter styles.
      • Bahama Shutters
      • Louvered Exterior Shutters
      • Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters
      • Arched and Angled Exterior Shutters
      • Double Hung Plantation Shutters
      • European and French Quarter Shutters