Hygienic Window Shutters 

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing window treatments, from style and energy efficiency to budget and even space. However, it’s also a good idea to consider maintenance and hygiene. That’s where window shutters in Folsom, CA come in.

Choosing easy-to-clean window treatments for your home can not only save you time and money but can also help ease or prevent allergies. Window shutters are super easy to clean, and there are also more advanced models and designs that offer even easier maintenance.

How do shutters compare to other window treatments when it comes to cleanliness? Blinds have lots of little small blades that can bend or crack when not cleaned properly. It can also be a pain to get in between the blades with the strings and pulls in the way and to reach the topmost blinds or the ones that get bunched up at the bottom. Shades and curtains necessitate frequent laundering or vacuuming as they are made of fabric and therefore collect dust quickly and easily and cannot be dusted or wiped down.

Shutters are made of solid materials, giving them smooth surfaces that are easy to clean with quick dust or wipe. They also do not collect pet hair or dust easily, and many kinds also block dust and dirt from entering the home in the first place. This can help cut down on pollen and other allergens and can lower the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the entire house.

Are there some kinds of shutters that are easier to clean than others? Yes! Shutters with hidden tilt rods are super simple to clean as the slats are all connected to each other by the tilt rod on the back or side of the panel, making it a breeze to tilt all the slats at once to thoroughly wipe down each side. However, if you have high gloss shutters that show more fingerprints, a central tilt rod design will help limit fingerprints in general. Also, if you choose premium woods like Elm, they may require more dusting as the deeper wood grain holds onto grit more than other types.

What’s the best way to clean shutters? Just a simple microfiber cloth or soft duster will do for the shutters in the majority of the home. However, shutters in bathrooms or kitchen may get splashed or stained, making it necessary to wipe them down with a gentle solution of water and vinegar to wipe away stains and disinfect. Be sure to only wipe down polyvinyl shutters with liquid and only use a dry cloth on wood shutters to avoid damaging the wood.

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It can definitely be argued that shutters are the most hygienic and easy to clean window treatments. If you follow basic maintenance routines your shutters are sure to last for years of style and efficiency. The Shutter Source is here to help you with any and all of your Folsom, CA window shutter questions and needs. Call today to learn more.