Bored Inside? Give Your Window Shutters Some Love!

window shutters on your Elk Grove, CA

Are you bored inside? Try these safe outdoor activities, like testing your green thumb or caring for the window shutters on your Elk Grove, CA home.

Like many people, you’re probably running out of ways to stay occupied while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, like many, you’re most likely getting sick of waiting inside. How can you spend time outside and stay safe during the pandemic? We know these are unprecedented times, and we will get through this. Here are a few tips to help make these days productive and not so dull:

  • Give Your Windows and Shutters Some TLC – How clean are your windows and window shutters? Get outside in the sunshine and fresh air to clean them! You can even go a step further and pressure washes your patio, driveway, gutters, and outdoor furniture for a whole new level of cleanliness. After cleaning your windows and window shutters, please give them a once-over for other finishing touches. Do they need a fresh coat of paint? New hardware? Complete the task, and you’ll feel better about your home.
  • Test Your Green Thumbs – Whether or not you’ve been a gardener in the past, now’s the time to reinvigorate or test out your green thumbs. Even simple gardening tasks like spreading mulch, trimming, weeding, and planting new flowers can not only give your outdoor space a facelift. Still, they can also lift your spirits with some much-needed outdoor time and vitamin D. Look around your yard, garden, or outdoor space and take inventory. What needs some attention? Could you plant new shrubs or flowers?
  • Play a Game – Let your inner child run free with some outdoor games. Go nuts with classics like hopscotch, sidewalk chalk, tag, hide and seek, or skipping rope. Experiment with more challenging pastimes like croquet, horseshoes, badminton, or bocce ball. Bring some board games out to your patio to play in the sunshine and fresh air if yard games aren’t your thing.
  • Celebrate Your Neighborhood – We can still be social even if we’re distanced. Plan a scavenger hunt around the block for the local kids, or set up a “drive-by bear hunt,” where kids look for teddy bears in windows or on porches. Put signs on your front door to thank delivery people for keeping you supplied or characters in your yard thanking others for their service, including healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees, and teachers.window shutters on your Elk Grove CA 3 300x163
  • Take it Outside – Even if you’re running out of traditional outdoor activities, take your other activities outside. Do your next workout in the yard, or bring your laptop out on the patio to breathe fresh air during a Zoom meeting or brainstorm session. Have dinner or even a snack outside, or make date night feel special by making a picnic in the yard.

These are just a few ways to stay occupied and productive outside during the pandemic. Want more tips on home improvement or Elk Grove, CA window shutters? Get in touch with The Shutter Source today.