A Beginner’s Guide to Plantation Window Shutters

window shutters for your Elk Grove, CA

If you’re thinking about investing in new window shutters for your Elk Grove, CA home, you might want to consider plantation shutters. Don’t know what plantation shutters are? Keep reading to learn more about them, their benefits, and some of the different kinds you can choose from.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are slatted wooden blinds that sit in their own frame, and are drilled directly into your windowsill. The slats, or louvers, can be tiled to open or closed, allowing you to customize how much airflow and light you allow into the room.

These stylish and functional shutters originate from the Southern states, where they were used on sugar and cotton plantation homes.

What are the Benefits of Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are definitely one of the most covetable window blind options on the market as they offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • They are flexible and easily customizable to match with other curtains or blinds, as well as different kinds of windows.
  • As the slats minimize light pollutions, they allow for better, undisturbed sleep through the night and into the morning.
  • They provide privacy without reducing light, as a simple tilting of the slats keeps passersby from seeing in but still allows in light.
  • Closing plantation shutters can help minimize drafts, helping keep rooms warm in the winter.
  • They help reduce noise pollution from the outside.
  • Tilting but not shutting the slats allows for air ventilation and privacy, and security at the same time.
  • They increase a home’s property value, as they have an elegant and highbrow air.

What They Made Of?

While there are many different kinds of plantation shutters made from many materials, plantation shutters are most commonly made from:

  • Basswood – Basswood is very common, and therefore affordable. It has a tight grain that allows for a smooth finish when painted.
  • Poplar – Poplar also has a smooth, even grain that makes it ideal for painting. However, it is also lightweight, making it ideal for plantation shutters that hang across large windows. Poplar also gives a classic wood look that is well suited for plantation shutters.
  • Elm – Elm has a naturally deep grain, giving elm plantation shutters an elegant wood effect that is best accentuated by rich stains.
  • Vinyl – An even more economical material, vinyl is waterproof and durable even in the face of harsh weather, moisture, and sun. Vinyl is ideal for use in high-traffic areas including commercial properties, playrooms, and kitchens.

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