5 Uses for Blackout Window Shutters

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Window shutters in Elk Grove, CA have lots of uses, from reducing noise pollution and keeping your home energy efficient to reducing light pollution. But did you know that if you close the shutters and louvers completely, they can black out all the light from the outside? You can easily use shutters to black out a room for a wide variety of reasons all around the home, including:

  1. Bedroom – Whether you have a young child that needs naps during the day, you like to nap during the day, or you work the night shift and need to rest while the sun is up, it can be hard to get to sleep with light streaming in the windows. Use shutters to blackout the windows in your bedroom to make the room dark enough for some daytime rest.
  2. Photography Studio – You can easily use shutters to block out unwanted light if you’re a photographer and want to set up a studio in your home. Dark studios are perfect for low-lit photos or for portraits when you need to have complete control over the light in the shot.
  3. Photography Darkroom – If you’re shooting photos at home you might also want or need to develop them at home. You can use shutters to completely block out any windows in a small room so you can set up that room as a darkroom. Try turning a spare bathroom or laundry room into a darkroom by adding shutters to block the light and clotheslines to hang your developing pictures.
  4. Home Theater – One of the best parts of seeing a movie in a movie theater is the total darkness in the room. You can recreate that same experience in your home with shutters! Shutters will reduce the light coming into the room to prevent glare from forming on the screen. Block out the sunlight during the day or streetlamps at night by shutting the shutters, then use a dimmer switch to lower the light in the room to your desired level. Add some comfy chairs, a bowl of popcorn, and you have yourself an awesome at home theater.
  5. Computer Workspace  – Most regular home offices don’t necessitate a dark room. In fact, most people prefer lots of natural light while they’re working. However, some jobs like editing photos, working on graphic design, editing videos, or making web design projects need a darker room. Shutters are the perfect addition to an at-home office that doubles as a computer workspace. Shutters will block out any incoming sunlight to reduce glare on your computer screen. Plus, when you’re done working on that project, you can open the shutters back up to enjoy the natural light again.

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These are just a few of the ways that shutters can help you customize the light in your home. If you want more ideas or want to learn more about Elk Grove, CA window shutters just get in touch with The Shutter Source. We’d be happy to help! Call or visit us today.