Window Shutters Aren’t Just for Windows

window shutters in your Folsom, CA

When you think of shutters, you most likely picture a lovely traditional home with shutters on the outside of the windows, or interior shutters adding style from the inside. However, there are tons of ways you can use window shutters in your Folsom, CA home besides on your windows. Shutters can be used all over your home to add style, interest and function. Keep reading for some inspiration for using shutters in your home:

  • Patio Doors – Patio doors are great for making easy access to outdoor spaces, as well as letting in lots of natural light into a home. There are lots of different kinds of patio doors, from sliding doors and French doors to bi-folding and more. However, patio doors can be pretty big, and therefore present a problem when it comes to a blind, shade or other kind of treatment. Shutters are a great solution for patio doors, no matter what kind you have. You can find shutters that are made to measure so they fit your doors exactly. You can also find shutters that come on tracking systems so you can open them completely to allow in as much or as little natural light as you want in the moment. Adding shutters to your patio doors can also add an extra layer of insulation to boost your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Closet Doors – You can easily use shutters in place of standard closet or wardrobe doors for a hit of style and function. Solid panel shutters often look just like cupboard and wardrobe doors but offer louvers and customization that standard doors do not. You can find shutters in tons of different finishes and colors to match almost any kind of décor or closet style.
  • Room Dividers – Make your space stylish and functional by using shutters as room dividers. Whether you want more privacy, are hoping to delineate different spaces in one room, or just want a classic look, shutters make for great room dividers. Room dividers were traditionally used as modesty screens for people to change behind, or to add décor to a room. You can attach shutters to door frames to separate any two areas or conjoining rooms. Give your office a bit of separation to get work done or give guests a bit more privacy when visiting your home.

Shutters are great for tons of different uses beyond on windows. Most shutters can be made to measure, meaning that you can get them in any size or shape for whatever use you want. From patio doors to room dividers, shutters add style and function to any room in the house.

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