Are Window Shutters Stylish?

window shutters in Sacramento, CA

Trends come and go, and styles are almost always changing. This concept is certainly applicable to home style and décor. Should you paint or put up wallpaper? Do you install carpet or finish the hardwood floors? Do you want to have modern light fixtures, or classic ones? This concept also applies to window treatments, like window shutters in Sacramento, CA.

If you’re considering adding window shutters to your home, you’re certainly wondering if they’re in style. Luckily for homeowners like you, window shutters are not only in style and will most likely stay that way, but also add tons of great features and benefits to homes from energy efficiency to light control.

Various forms of shutters have been used for thousands of years. If they’ve stayed in style and function for that long, you can bet that they will continue to do so for many more years to come. Shutters’ utility and style have even increased in the past, making them an ideal window treatment for almost any kinds of home.

Modern Exterior and Interior Window Shutters

Some older types of window shutters were used purely for decoration. They were fixed to the outside of a home and were not operable, instead serving as a style fixture to add a welcoming and homey look to a house. Modern shutters today are not just for look. They are functional and stylish, giving homeowners the ability to control light and heat in the home.

Shutters are not just stylish; they are also sustainable and energy efficient. Modern window shutters are designed to not only boost home style but also to help moderate temperature and light inside a home to help keep the home comfortable and energy efficient.

There are a few different kinds of stylish shutters to choose from for your home:

  • Exterior Shutters – The most traditional kind of exterior shutter, be it raised panel or louvred style, offers a warm and welcoming décor look. These shutters are often smaller than the windows and wouldn’t cover the entire window if they were able to be closed. However, there are some kinds of board-and-batten shutters that are made to fit windows by size and shape and can be opened or closed as per homeowner preference.
  • Interior Shutters – Interior shutters are mostly for function, as they offer both light control and weather protection. There are a few different kinds of interior shutters. Café shutters block only part of the window, usually sitting on the top or bottom half of the opening. Shaker shutters on the other hand cover the full window and have a very durable construction that make them ideal for security, light control and weather protection.
  • Plantation Shutters – Plantation shutters are usually exterior shutters that offer the style of traditional exterior shutters and the functionality of interior shutters. They can be fully opened or closed and also have louvres that adjust to give even more day-to-day customization.

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