Wood Window Shutters

window shutters and your Sacramento, CA

Functional window shutters have been a part of the home design landscape almost as long as there have been homes with windows. Traditionally, functional window shutters have been made from wood. Are wood window shutters a good option? Read on to learn more about wood window shutters and your Sacramento, CA home.

Wood window shutters have always been made from solid woods, as these species are better proven to stand firm in the face of the elements as opposed to mass-produced woods. Some of the most common woods used for shutters are Spanish cedar, Honduran mahogany and teak, as these woods are tough, resistant to rot and decay, and far more durable than softer wood types like untreated pine.

These tough woods are also resistant to insects, but can be pressure-treated to make them even more durable. Wood shutters have also almost always been finished to extend their life and beauty.

Why should you invest in wood shutters? They offer many benefits like:

  • Style – Wood shutters are always attractive and stylish, as their plain yet elegant look adds to almost any home décor.
  • Light Control – Wood shutters can be easily fine-tuned to allow for specific light control, even when they’re closed.
  • Protection – Protection is a great benefit of wood shutters as they keep your homes safe from the cold in the winter, and from the heat and sun in the summer.

But what kind of wood shutters should you get? That’s where The Shutter Source comes in. We offer a wide range of high quality wood window shutters that you can count on for long-lasting beauty and function. All of our wood window shutters offer top features such as:

  • Sustainably Grown Wood – We offer wood shutters made from high grade Northern Basswood. Sustainably grown and harvested in the Midwest, Asia, and Southern Canada, this wood is kiln dried for a 6-8% moisture content in a green process for a tight grain and resistance to splitting and warping.
  • Strong and Accurate – You can rely on our wood shutters for accurate and strong joints. We use tested 3/8 x 2 ½ ” dowels on a one inch center, and believe in this method so much that we guarantee our joinery for 30 years. We also make our pivots with intelligent plastic that is resistant to brittle and break, as well as easily adjusted louver-tension screws.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – We believe in our wood window shutters so much that all of our moving parts come with lifetime guarantees. We perform a thorough finishing process that includes sealing, coating, sanding, undercoating, sanding, undercoating again, and sanding again. Our final step is a topcoat made from zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) for zero contribution to pollution and atmospheric effects so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part for the environment.

You are sure to love your Sacramento, CA window shutters if you choose wood shutters from The Shutter Source. DO you want to learn more? Stop by and visit us at 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, or give us a call at (877) 333-9424.