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If you are planning to invest in new window coverings, then it makes sense to choose products that look great and are built to last. One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners is attempting a DIY approach, then later regretting this decision. You can avoid this mistake by choosing a reputable company to assist with the installation of window shutters in Sacramento, CA.

Our team at The Shutter Source cares about your satisfaction. We deliver high-quality products and an unparalleled focus on customer service. Whether you are looking to upgrade a few windows or you want to improve all of the windows in your home, we are here to assist. As you learn more about our company, you’ll see that we have an excellent reputation in the industry.

Benefits of Window Shutters

What can you expect when your new shutters are installed? These are some of the benefits that are available when you choose high-quality products for your window coverings:

  • shutters window sacramento ca 300x223Aesthetics: There’s no question that beautiful shutters have an immediate impact on the overall appearance of your living space. If you want to upgrade the style of your home, then don’t overlook the windows. Shutters are not only classy, but these window coverings are timeless. Many people agree that shutters look great with a variety of interior design styles, allowing you to upgrade the décor in your home without the need to change the window coverings in the future.
  • Privacy: Is it uncomfortable when you feel like the neighbors can see into your home? If you don’t like your home life is shared with people who are passing by, then you need to choose quality window coverings for privacy. Blinds and shades often show silhouettes at night when the lights are on inside the house. On the other hand, shutters provide complete privacy. The solid slats don’t allow any view of activities that are happening inside your home. Even when the shutters are closed, the rod can be adjusted slightly to allow a little light into the room.
  • Protection: Installing shutters inside your home can help to protect against the weather changes that are happening outside. For example, you can enjoy an extra layer of insulation against the hot, summer sun.
  • Customization: You can create the perfect home for your family by customizing the shutters that are installed. Working with an experienced contractor, like The Shutter Source, allows you to choose the specific colors and materials that you desire. Your windows will be measured to ensure a perfect fit for your window coverings.
  • Home Value: Did you know that shutter installation is an investment for your family? If you are going to spend money on window coverings, then it makes sense to pick the details that will boost the value of your home. Shutters help to increase home value, giving you more equity when it is time to sell in the future.

Which of these benefits are you most excited about for your home? Every homeowner has unique reasons for investing in new window coverings. We invite you to schedule a consultation to talk to our team about your preferences. We’ll discuss your goals, evaluate your preferences, and then provide recommendations to fit your needs.

Are window shutters better than blinds?

Window shutters will block more sunlights when compared to blinds because windows shutters have a better fit on your window frame. Window shutters can last up to 25 years or more with proper care meanwhile blinds can only last up to 4-5 years and windows shutters are easier to clean too.

Don’t Cut Corners on Your Window Shutters

window shutters sacramento ca 300x235Whenever you are working on home renovation projects, it makes sense that you want to save money on the overall costs. But it is important to remember that you might be giving up necessary features if you choose materials that are built poorly.

It is smart to set a budget for your home improvements. At the same time, consider the value that will be received for the products that you select. Investing in the right window coverings means that these products will hold up for many years. You can avoid some of the common issues that people face, such as materials that fall apart or slats that need to be repainted due to sun damage.

Consider the way the window coverings will look with your high-quality windows. If you are investing in nice windows, then window shutters in Sacramento, CA are the perfect way to add a beautiful finishing touch. We offer a variety of quality products, including wood shutters, exterior products, and Duracore Shutters™.

Personalized Recommendations for Your Home

Our team is here to offer the personalized assistance you deserve for the window covering installation. We believe that every customer deserves our undivided attention. When you choose The Shutter Source for your new window coverings, you can expect excellent customer service from start to finish.

We’ve worked hard to establish a strong reputation in the local industry. Call us right away for information about window shutters in Sacramento, CA. The Shutter Source has a local office you can visit at 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742. Stop by our location, or call anytime to schedule a complimentary consultation in your home: (877) 333-9424


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The Shutter Source is proud to offer window shutters in Sacramento, CA. If you call Sacramento your home, you can rely on us to provide the best window shutters in Sacramento, CA.

Never worry about spending too much on window shutters in Sacramento, CA again because in The Shutter Source we make sure to provide the best window shutters without sacrificing too much of your budget.

According to worldatlas.com California is known for Disneyland, Death Valley, Redwood Trees, Wine, Surfing Hollywood and Beaches. But what you may not know is that in Sacramento where The Shutter Source also offers quality blinds, window coverings, and any kind of California style window shutters that provides beauty, elegance, and distinction to any Californian homeowners.

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  • What are the pros and cons of full-height window shutters?
    • Pros:
      • For starters, these shutters offer the most possible light blockage and privacy as they cover your window’s full area. 
      • Also, when you have the slats and panels closed on full height shutters you also get better insulation to keep your home at a desirable temperature without spending too much on your electricity. 
      • You can easily add a mid-rail to full height shutters to get full control over the upper and lower slats independently of one another. 
      • Full height window shutters are also very easy to install as they don’t involve the more detailed installation steps of tier-on-tier shutters. 
    • Cons:
      • For example, they might not be ideal for use in small or dark rooms as they completely cover the window. Small or dark bathrooms would be better suited for a café style shutter to allow maximum natural light while maintaining privacy. Learn more.
  • What are the important parts of a shutter?
    • For starters, some of the important parts of a shutter are:
      • Stile – Stiles are the vertical pieces of solid wood between which the louvers rotate.
      • Top Rail – The top rail is thehorizontal bar at the top of a shutter panel that provides the stability and structure of the shutter. The top rail also has a notch for the tilt bar.
      • Bottom Rail – Similar to the top rail, the bottom rail provides stability and structure but at the bottom of the shutter.
      • Tilt Bar – Sometimes called the tilt rod, the tilt bar is a horizontal piece that links the louvers together so they open and close simultaneously.
      • Louvers – Often called slats, the louvers are the movable horizontal pieces of wood that open and close the shutter.
      • Hanging Hinge – This hinge holds the shutter panel to the hanging strip or window jamb.
      • Mid Rail – This horizontal bar separates the louvers into the top and bottom sections.
      • Mouse Hole – The mouse hole is an indentation seen on both the top and bottom rails and is designed to hold the tilt rail.
  • When to order your window shutters?
    • The delivery timeline of your window shutters depends on a few factors:
      • What Kind You Choose – Different types of shutters take different times to be delivered.
      • Where the Shutters Are Made – Your shutter delivery time also depends on where the shutters are made. 
      • Custom Details – If your shutters require special modifications or details you need to add at least a week or two to the delivery timeline. 
      • Your Ordering Process – Most shutter businesses have unique ordering processes to make sure that customers are happy with the end result. 
      • Color Matching – Trying to match an existing color in your home always adds additional time.