Window Shutter Panels: More or Less?

window shutters in Folsom, CA

The vast majority of plantation style window shutters in Folsom, CA are made up of panels. A panel is the shutter door that swings open and closed to allow you to open the shutters fully or close them completely. Usually mounted inside a frame or hinged directly to your window casing, shutters panels are very important for the function of your shutter.

Homeowners often have the choice of how many panels they want their shutters to have, and many are stumped by the choice. Should they go with more panels? Less panels? How to choose?

To decide if you want or need more or less panels for your window shutters, you need to think about two main things: how you plan on operating your shutters and how you want them to look.

The number of panels you need depends on how you will operate your shutters. Some people choose to keep the shutter panels closed and mainly use the shutter slats to control the amount of light that comes into the room. In these cases, its best to go with fewer shutter panels for each window opening as wider panels will allow in more natural light and will appear less busy or overcrowded.

Other people choose to operate their shutters by swinging the panels open to allow in more light and outdoor visibility and swinging them closed to block light and create more privacy. If this is how you will operate your shutters, you might want to go for more panels. Having multiple narrow panels allows you to fold them away to the sides of the window without taking up too much space on the walls. Additionally, having more panels allows for even more control of the amount of light and visibility in each window. Finally, if you have a nearby window obstruction like a faucet or limited wall space, a larger number of smaller panels is ideal.

You also have to think about style when deciding on the number of panels you want your window shutters to have. Wider shutter panels, meaning fewer panels for each window opening, gives a very modern look as they have long clean lines and less light blockage. You can use

3 ½” or 4 ½” slats and a hidden tilt rod for an even more modern vibe.

On the other hand, narrow shutter panels, meaning more panels on each window, has a more classic or colonial style. You can pair smaller panels with 2 ½” slats and a central tilt rod to further bring an old-style air to the space.

Finally, keep in mind the overall feel of the window and the space when choosing the number of panels. If you go too wide, they will look too heavy, but if you go too small you might get too much material over the window opening or a busy look.

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