How to Dress Bathroom Windows

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Whether you have one window in your bathroom, a big window above your tub, or even a few small ones near or inside your shower, you’re probably having a tough time deciding how to dress them. Window treatments for bathroom windows can be tricky as they need to not only address privacy concerns and natural light needs, but also need to be moisture resistant. The following ideas, including window shutters in Sacramento, CA, can offer inspiration for your bathroom windows.

Bathtub windows need a special kind of window treatment that can completely block the view and be easy to use from inside the tub if you’re taking a bath or even giving the kids one. Most importantly, bathtub window treatments need to be waterproof as splashes and steam are a common occurrence around at tub.

Window shutters in Bay area are a great tub window solution. Look for faux wood shutters, like Duracore, that are durable and resistant to moisture and mold. They take the worry out of splashes and steam and are super easy to operate with their tilting louvers that also make it simple to get the exact amount of privacy and light you want.

You can find shutters in tons of different colors to match your bathroom décor. Be sure to stay away from fabric window treatments for above your tub, as these will get musty and moldy quickly in the bathroom humidity.

What about the windows in or around your shower? These windows can be trickier than tub windows as shower windows are exposed to direct moisture all the time, not to mention that they often come in small or awkward sizes. Once again, though, shutters in Sacramento offer a great solution. Duracore shutters can let light in and help steam escape out. They can also maintain privacy and will hold up to the daily water exposure.

You could also try waterproof or vinyl shades for your shower windows as they can be easier to install, especially if you are in a rental or a short-term home.

A new home trend, the wet room, also requires a special kind of window treatment. These rooms usually have a combined shower and tub space without a shower stall and with a drain directly on the floor. Completely waterproof window treatments are absolute musts in these rooms, so maybe a window with frosted glass is the best way to go. If you don’t want frosted windows, you can try faux wood shutters or vinyl shades.

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