How to Cover Attic Windows

Folsom, CA window shutters

Whether you’re converting an old attic storeroom into a new bedroom or playroom, or are trying to get a handle on your home’s energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to look into getting window coverings for your attic windows. However, most attic windows are not average window shapes, so finding the right kind of treatment can be a challenge. Usually, the answer is window shutters. Read on to learn more about how Folsom, CA window shutters can be the answer to your attic window problems.

Unique Dimensions

Most attic spaces are under pitched roofs, meaning that the attic ceiling has steep angles. These angles give the windows slanted sides and tops, or even rounded, circular or arching shapes.

Some homeowners try and cover these odd window shapes with standard blinds or curtains. However, this usually does not work well as square curtains or blinds won’t fit in an angled upper window. If you try and squeeze blinds or curtains into these spaces, the covering might have unsightly bunching at the ceiling pitch, or the window might look dwarfed by the overhanging treatment.

The best answers to odd-shaped attic windows are plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are easily customized, allowing them to perfectly mold to your attics odd angles and shapes. Their slats can cut and shaped to fit any window, even your attic.

Energy Efficiency

Even if you could get standard fabric curtains or blinds to fit on your attic window, they still won’t solve the problem of energy efficiency. When most older homes were built, attics were rarely used for anything but storage. This design flaw means that attics are often incredibly drafty and cold in the winter, and hot and humid in the summer. If you want to use your attic for other things, you need to solve this energy efficiency issue.

Thin, sheer curtains can be used as decorations, but they probably won’t help block the significant sun glare or cold drafts that attics have. Covering your windows with energy efficient window treatments like shutters in Sacramento, CA can help heat and cool your attic, without drastically affecting your energy bill.

Shutters help eliminate heat loss and keep the cool air on one side of the window and the hot air on the other. This is true of wooden window shutters and faux wood window shutters. In fact, some faux shutters are 70% more energy efficient than wood shutters and up to 1600% more efficient than aluminum blinds.

Enjoy Your Attic

Don’t let drafty, hot or oddly-shaped attic windows prevent you from enjoying your attic space. From storing important items to a new bedroom, utilize your attic better with the help of window shutters.

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