How Do I Clean Shutters?

One of the best things about your shutters is that they are so easy to clean!

Wood shutters should be dusted with a microfiber dusting cloth, preferably and most easily from the reverse side.  For major cleaning, a slightly damp cloth and handwashing liquid is safe.  Make sure that the shutter is left completely dry when you’re finished with its cleaning!  If you prefer to use furniture polish, make sure that it is clearly marked “non-yellowing.”  All polishes may affect the ability to refinish a shutter in the future, so be careful, and avoid solvents or abrasive cleaners.

Some synthetic shutters, including foamed synthetics such as Duracore Shutters™, are waterproof and may be safely cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, maybe with a little dish soap if necessary.  Since shutters like Duracore Shutters™ are dust-resistant, most of the time they will only require dusting with a soft material.

Never take shutters into your backyard for a spray down, especially wood shutters!

If a professional housecleaner cleans your home, make sure they’re briefed on these handy tips for cleaning shutters.

Remember that shutters are very easy to clean so long as you follow these helpful tips!