Add Function and Beauty With Window Shutters in San Jose, CA

Is it time to refresh your space with new window coverings? Is your new construction or remodel project wrapping up? Dressing your windows with high-quality coverings can bring so much beauty and function to any room. The Shutter Source has everything you might need for blinds, shades, and window shutters in San Jose, CA.

Window shutters assist with privacy, natural light filtering at various levels, and even with your home’s energy efficiency in some cases. Finding shutters that are affordable and high quality is an integral part of this decision. Our expertise in the field comes from over 40 years of working in this industry. We have the background and knowledge to help you identify products that will last for years to come and stay within your budget.


Choosing the Right Window Shutters in San Jose, CA

window shutters san jose ca 300x132Every home or commercial property becomes unique when the personal preferences and styles of the owners are brought into the design and furnishing aspect of things. The right window shutters in San Jose, CA, will have a lot to do with these influences. There are three common types of shutters we sell and install regularly. Which ones are of interest to you?

The Duracore Shutter: This option is a low-maintenance, high-performance shutter. It is designed around an aluminum core within each slat. The slats are individually coated in a polymer compound that has many benefits. The finished product actually repels dust and build-up and has an anti-static finish. The shutters are specifically designed to withstand moisture penetration and are also fire retardant.

Duracore Shutters look amazing! They look high-end while offering a great budget-friendly alternative to wood shutters. Also, the painted surface will never peel, crack, or discolor. The innovative design ensures the product will not bow, warp, or splinter with time and use. A lifetime, transferable warranty offers complete protection in the event that you experience a malfunction. If you are looking for an affordable option that looks classy and refined, these shutters are the ones for you!

Custom Wood Shutters: Our trendy wood shutters are made from Northern Basswood. This is a sustainable wood source that is harvested from a few places around the United States and the Asian continent. Basswood has a natural tendency to resist warping and cracking. The grainline grows in a tight pattern that gives it these properties. The wood shutters are designed and crafted carefully to be accurate and long-lasting.

The wood is carefully sealed with many layers of undercoats and topcoats to create a smooth, protective surface that will perform well for many years to come. The joinery and construction are designed for ease of use, and all of the components have years of warranty coverage available. Your home will look better than ever with the elegance and timeless appeal of wood shutters.

Outdoor/Exterior Shutters: There is no need for the inside of your property to get all of the love– exterior shutters can be installed to function as a protective layer against small bits of flying debris. They may also add a decorative element and add to your curb appeal. These can be ordered for just decoration or to also function as a closing shutter. The material selections are outlined below:

  • Vinyl Shutters: These shutters are created from color-infused polyvinyl chloride. They are hollow to the backside and are installed directly against the surface of the home or building. As lightweight shutters, their purpose is for aesthetic appeal and, therefore, will not function as a closing shutter.
  • Wooden Shutters: A wooden shutter will likely hold your solution if you have grand designs in mind. There are virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to exterior wooden shutters. They can be made substantially enough to offer the protection of a latching shutter, or they could be designed with decor as the only purpose. Because of the nature of wood, extra care will need to be taken with the maintenance of external wood shutters to assure a long-lasting product.
  • MDF Shutters: Designed from medium density fiberboard, these shutters can bring the look and feel of regular wood shutters at a lesser price tag. They cannot be created as functioning shutters and should be purchased and installed for a finishing detail only.
  • Fiberglass Shutters: A durable and hardy shutter with very low maintenance needs is the fiberglass shutter. This can be a fully functioning and/or decorative shutter. With sun exposure over a long period of time, fading may occur. Fiberglass shutters paint beautifully if that is needed at a later time.


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