Upgrade Your Environment With New Window Shutters in San Francisco, CA

A great way to change up the look of your home or commercial property is by purchasing custom window shutters in San Francisco, CA. While being both beautiful and functional, shutters lend an elegant and luxurious feel to any given space. The Shutter Source is your one-stop-shop for window coverings, including blinds, shades, and shutters.

Window coverings have a big impact on a space. There are modern, classic, and chic selections for your new window coverings. With so many styles to match your particular tastes, you are sure to find something that will make a statement and add to your home or office atmosphere. Our highly trained and experienced window covering experts have been in the business for more than 40 years.


What is Available for Window Shutters in San Francisco, CA?

window shutters san francisco ca 300x133The Shutter Source has three categories of shutters that we sell all the time. Our interior shutters come in both wooden and polymer-coated shutters called Duracore. For exterior shutters, we also offer a variety of materials in decorative and functional styles. Learn more about all of our offerings here:

Duracore Shutters: These cutting-edge shutters impress in all the ways. First off, they look fantastic. No one is going to guess that you bought these shutters for such an affordable price. They are built around an aluminum core and coated with a unique polymer finish with amazing benefits. Also, they are designed to last and last and be exceptionally easy to maintain. The slats won’t bow, warp, split, or discolor over time.

Need a shutter that repels the dust? Duracore Shutter gets a check. How about anti-static? You’ve got it. Throw in a moisture-resistant and fire retardant coating, and you will start to understand just how unusual this shutter is. With warranty coverage to protect this product even after you sell your property, we are so pleased to offer you a product that will stand the test of time. These are amazing shutters at a fantastic price.

Wood Shutters: Another gorgeous window covering is our wooden shutters. These top-quality shutters are sustainably sourced from Northern Basswood grown in the United States and Asia. The wood is kiln-dried to perfection for the conditions in Northern California. The tightly woven grain is naturally resistant to splitting and warping issues, making it ideal for this product.

Wood shutters are also constructed with keen attention to quality craftsmanship. Each component is carefully sealed, sanded between coats, undercoated, and top coated with many layers to ensure complete protection and a new surface. In addition, the shutters come with excellent warranty coverage. There is lifetime coverage on some aspects and many years’ worth of guarantee covering the various components and functions of these products. If you want luxury window shutters in San Francisco, CA, these will not disappoint.

Exterior Shutters: Exterior shutters can add the finishing touch and make your property look extra special for the outside of your home or office building. These can be custom ordered in a variety of colors and material types.

  • Lightweight Vinyl: These shutters are hollow to the back and are easily installed. The coloring of the shutter is infused through the compound when it is made. They are offered in standard widths with the option to customize the lengths by cutting them to the appropriate size. Vinyl shutters are budget-friendly and still manage to look fantastic. These are only offered as decorative shutters.
  • Authentic Wood: Wooden shutters are definitely the most versatile of the exterior shutters we offer. Design possibilities are basically unlimited with various wood types, thicknesses, lines of design, stains, and paint colors. Outdoor wood shutters will require more maintenance than other types to stay in good condition. These can be ordered in both functional and decorative styles.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard Shutters: MDF shutters are a great alternative to vinyl while still being cost-effective. They look much like authentic wood shutters at a lower price point. However, because of the more fragile nature of fiberboard, these only come in decorative styles as a fixed mount option.
  • Fiberglass Shutters: The most durable shutter for external application is the fiberglass shutter. It will hold up exceptionally well, require low maintenance, and look wonderful. Unfortunately, over time, fiberglass shutters will naturally discolor from UV exposure. This can be easily remedied with a coat of paint when that time comes.


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