6 Reasons Window Shutters in Rancho Cordova, CA Are the Best Choice for Your Home

rancho cordova shuttersThese days, window covering choices are everywhere. From cheap big box store solutions to pricy interior design options, you can find a wide variety of possibilities for your home. You can choose drapery, curtains, decals, blinds, valances, or even a combination of these things. And while they all work well, none of these products have the all-around performance and appeal that window shutters in Rancho Cordova, CA have. So, before you buy anything, take a moment to consider six things about shutters that make them the best choice:

1. Value – Let’s start with the biggest reason: Window shutters are the only window treatment on the market that is documented to enhance the resale value of your home. As a homeowner, this means that shutters are an investment and not a disposable cost! On top of that, if you do choose to sell your house at some future day, window shutters are an attractive feature that appeals to many would-be buyers, making your home easier to sell at your asking price.

2. Purpose – It’s hard to imagine modern living without the benefit of glass and window technology. They allow natural light in and visibility out while maintaining reasonable protection from weather and intruders. However, these glass barriers are still open portals in the walls of your home that require care and management. Shutters provide this by giving you full control of visibility, daytime & nighttime privacy, and light pass-through. They even add some insulating value by reflecting heat and sun away from the home.

3. Style – Nothing asserts excellence quite like well-crafted window shutters. Ideally, your window shutters in Rancho Cordova, CA should complement your home’s architecture and decorative motif. That’s where our design experts can help. Here at the Shutter Source, you will benefit from our years of professional experience. We will educate you about your options and offer guidance about available shutter styles that would be most appropriate for your situation. Common shutter-style options include plantation, cottage, café, shaker, and west coast.

4. Function – Of course, your preferred style must not hinder the function you need the shutter to perform in the first place. Fortunately, today’s window shutters can be designed to be both stylish and functional. In terms of function, shutters can be built to open vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and more. They can be mounted most suitably to maximize ease of use, service, and window access. Shutters can also be built specifically to your need for light control, privacy, maintenance, etc.

5. Maintenance – Upkeep of your shutters is an important part of ownership. The type of material will determine the level of care the shutters need. For example, wood shutters can require inspection and annual treatment to keep them in peak condition. On the other hand, a polyurethane or vinyl window shutter will not need quite as much attention. In all cases, your window shutters need to be dusted and wiped down from time to time. Compared with other window covering options, window shutters tend to be much easier to maintain.

6. Material – Shutters for interior applications are usually made of the following types of materials:

  • Wood is the most beautiful of all shutter materials because of its natural grains that can be stained or painted any color desired. Wood brings warm elegance and class to a home. By their very nature, wood shutters are environmentally friendly. Wood will warp or mold in wet or steamy conditions. It requires more regular care and upkeep.
  • Vinyl shutters are easy to maintain and durable by design. They tolerate moisture and steam conditions well, making them useable in a shower space or bathroom window. Cleanup is minimal; routine wipe downs are generally adequate.
  • Polyurethane (Poly) shutters are also durable and hold their color well when exposed to sun and UV damage. Poly is less expensive than wood, but is also heavier, making it less suitable for long louver spans that may eventually sag.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is excellent in wet conditions since it is essentially plastic. It is not as visually appealing as other material options, so it’s ideal for less noticeable areas that tend to be more wet, such as a shower or steam room.

Free Consultation with a Window Shutters Expert in Rancho Cordova, CA

The Shutter Source believes shutters are an excellent window covering choice for area homeowners. For an even better product, check out our exclusive Duracore Shutters™ that we created for durability and hassle-free maintenance. If you’re ready to talk details about window shutters in Rancho Cordova, CA for your home or office, call our professionals here at The Shutter Source today at (877) 333-9424 for a conversation about your needs. It won’t cost you a cent. Our office is conveniently located at 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.