Impact Your Whole Space With New Window Shutters in Pleasanton, CA

When you get new window shutters in Pleasanton, CA, the entire home or office building benefits from the fresh new look. The Shutter Source is your one-stop-shop for all things window coverings. With quality brands and certified installations (and decades of experience), we know you are going to love your window covering solutions. There are customizations to fit every decor style. You can find exactly what you’re looking for with our superior shades, blinds, and shutters.

A quick peek at our online reviews will attest to the function and beauty of our products from satisfied customers. Hiring well-trained and trusted installation teams will ensure that your products will perform as desired. It also keeps the product warranties intact should you have a need for a claim at some point in the future.


Different Kinds of Window Shutters in Pleasanton, CA Meet Different Needs

window shutters pleasanton ca 300x133There are three main types of popular shutters that we help our customers with at The Shutter Source. We offer Duracore, wood, and exterior shutter styles. Depending on the needs of our customers and the windows they are looking to cover, our skilled design experts can help you choose the right products.

The Duracore Shutter is fashioned to be aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and very hardy. Add to that, the innovative polymer finish that coats the aluminum core is uniquely designed to be resistant to dust build-up and anti-static. This makes them very easy to clean and keep looking fresh. The finish also has fire retardant properties and protects against moisture penetration.

The components of the design will not warp, bow, crack, or discolor over time. The protective warranty is so solid. It is even transferable in the event you sell your home or building. We love vending for companies that stand behind their products forever. The price point on the Duracore Shutter is very budget-friendly. Gone are the days when you need to settle for a flimsy product that won’t stand the test of time. Duracore Shutters look classy and expensive; your friends will never guess you got them for such a bargain.

If luxurious wood shutters are more to your liking, we have a gorgeous line that is fully customizable for your needs. Our most popular option is a fully sustainable Northern Basswood shutter. The wood for our shutters comes from southern California, the northern midwestern United States, and some parts of Asia. The wood has a very tight grain and is kiln-dried to be perfect for the west coast climate. This material is naturally resistant to bowing and warping issues and is also less prone to splintering.

The delicate craftsmanship of our wooden shutters results in finely tuned joinery and fully functioning, easy-to-use moving parts. Each component of the design goes through rigorous sanding for smoothness and is covered with several layers of topcoats. This yields an easy to clean and well-protected wood shutter. Impressive warranties also cover these gorgeous products. So if you are looking for the best quality wood window shutters in Pleasanton, CA, look no further.

Perhaps your shutter needs to pertain to the outside of your home or building. The Shutter Source has an extensive collection of exterior shutters to add the final touches to your property. External shutters can add a picturesque element and boost your curb appeal in a big way. Exterior shutters may be decorative only, or they may also function as shutters that close and latch over a window. This can protect against small flying debris, add privacy, and adjust airflow through a space. There are several materials to choose from:

  • Moulded Vinyl: Budget-friendly vinyl is made from a polyvinyl chloride compound. There are multiple colors to choose from. Each colorized vinyl shutter received its coloring during production, with the colorant being infused throughout. The hollow style is lightweight and easily installed.
  • Wooden: The most diverse design styles are available with wooden shutters. There are numerous wood selections, thicknesses, and styling patterns that can be chosen. However, it is important to know that exterior wood shutters will need regular maintenance and care to extend the functional lifespan of this product.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard: If you prefer a more substantial shutter than the lightweight vinyl option, and wooden shutters are not within your budget, consider MDF shutters. They look much more like the high-end wooden shutters without the luxurious price tag. They can only be offered in decorative styles.
  • Fiberglass: Without a doubt, the most durable exterior shutter you can purchase is the fiberglass shutter. These are low maintenance and can be both functional and decorative. Unfortunately, over time, the color on these tends to fade. This is easily solved with a fresh coat of paint.


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