Must-Read Tips for Home Remodeling Beginners

Even the most seasoned homeowners get lost sometimes, making renovations and remodeling that much more stressful and difficult for beginners. From redoing a kitchen to adding window shutters to a house in Elk Grove, CA, home remodeling can be overwhelming.

Before you give up and throw out your toolbox, read these helpful home remodeling tips for beginners.

  1. Decide What Comes First – Everyone in your family has a wish list for the remodels they want, from a new kitchen or a finished basement to brand-new windows and window treatments. But is best to assess your priorities and choose what to focus on first. Think about which task will have the biggest impact on your life and your family, and which projects will make life easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.
  2. Keep All Your Information in One Place – Its incredibly beneficial to keep all your home remodeling trends, thoughts, ideas, and information in one place. That way, you won’t be searching all over your house or devices when you need to make a decision or follow up on the action. It doesn’t really matter which place you choose, whether it’s a notebook, file folder, folder on your laptop, or even a note on your phone, as long as it’s organized and easy to access when needed.
  3. Choose a Budget – Every project ends up costing more than originally thought, so you need to set a budget, with wriggle room, before you begin. Make a checklist to ensure you’ve considered every cost of the project, from tools and rental equipment to building permits, contractors, and inspections. This checklist should also include how you will live your life during the project. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, where will you eat? If you’re doing a major renovation, where will you stay?
  4. Get Help When Needed – While DIY is trendy, there is no shame in hiring a contractor when needed. No matter how much you plan or how many online tutorials you watch, you’ll still most likely run into delays and issues that could have been avoided if you hired a contractor to do the work for you. Plus, contractors will usually get all the necessary permits and know where to find the best laborers and subcontractors for your needs. The savings in time and frustration can be well worth the price of an expert consultation.
  5. Consider the Value – Some home projects have a higher value, or return of investment than others, like adding window shutters. The projects with the best return of investment are those that add value that’s less or comparable than the cost of the project. Typically, these include new garage doors, windows, siding, and entry doors as these items don’t cost very much but pack a value punch. While adding a soaking tub to your bathroom would be amazing, replacing your drafty old window treatments with updated window shutters would make your home more comfortable and would reduce your energy spending.

These are just a few home remodeling tips for beginners. The Shutter Source is here to help if you want more tricks or information on Elk Grove, CA window shutters.

Chuck Wilton

Chuck Wilton

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