Start Vacuuming These Things Right Now

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Dust and dirt can settle almost anywhere in your house. Rather than putting away your vacuum when you’re finished cleaning your floors, carpets, and rugs, keep it out for a little bit longer. There are tons of things that could use a little vacuuming, from the bed skirts and brooms to the windowsills and window shutters in your Elk Grove, CA home.

Start vacuuming these things right now to keep your home clean and avoid unnecessary damage:

  • Refrigerator Coils – Your refrigerator coils are what keep your fridge running efficiently, but they get really dirty, really fast. Make sure to vacuum your refrigerator coils at least two times a year. You can find them at the bottom of your fridge in newer models or behind your fridge in older models.
  • Window Shutters – Window treatments like shutters need to be cleaned, too. While dusting them with a clean, soft cloth is good, giving them a once-over with the vacuum is even better. Use a low-suction setting and a brush attachment to avoid damaging the mechanisms. You can also vacuum other window treatments like shades, curtains, and blinds in between washes to keep them dust-free.
  • Knife Blocks – You would be horrified to learn how much dirt, dust, and food leftovers get stuck in your knife block. Use a crevice cleaner attachment on your vacuum to breathe some new clean life into your knife block.
  • Windowsills – Your windows and windowsills also need vacuum attention. Use a low suction setting to vacuum up dust, dirt, and lingering allergens like pollen that may have gotten in when the window was open.
  • Bed Skirts – While you can, and should, put your bed skirts in the washing machine every few months, it’s a big hassle to take them off the bed. Increase the amount of time between full washings by vacuuming your bed skirts with a brush attachment. You might as well get all the dust bunnies under the bed while you’re down there, too.
  • Entertainment Center – For some crazy reason, electronics gather dust like nothing else. This isn’t just unsightly, it’s also bad for them as dust can damage the small inner components. Turn off all the electronics in your entertainment center and give them a thorough vacuuming at least once a month. Get behind the TV, between the cords, inside speaker ducts, and underneath any gaming systems.
  • Keyboards – Computer keyboards also seem to attract all kinds of crumbs and dirt. Use a low suction crevice attachment to suck out any debris from on and inside your keyboards.
  • Brooms – You clean your floors with your broom, but what happens to all that hair, dust, and other nasty debris that sticks to the broom and doesn’t end up in the dustpan? Rather than spreading it back on your floors the next time you sweep, vacuum it up.

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