Specialty Shape Shutters

Windows that are rounded, arched, or slanted often pose special challenges to homeowners. How is it possible to cover these windows in a way that preserves their distinctive décor, provides privacy and light control, and also looks good?


Explore Unique Shapes & Styles

There are several ways to design shutters for rounded windows, including arched louvers and sunburst designs, while slanted windows can be transformed into striking design accents that provide easy control.

Our window shutter designs include painted or stained in a wide variety of colors, with or without tilt rods. No matter how high on your wall these windows are placed, the louvers may be easily controlled through a wand. Although shutters for specialty shapes present their challenges, our installers are highly trained and experienced and work for us and have installed shutters for specialty shapes for many years.

Whatever the challenges your specialty-shaped windows may pose, there is a shutter solution! We have expert personnel for window shutter designs standing by in the Rancho Cordova area and all over the greater Bay Area. Call today!


Request a FREE Estimate

During your free in-home estimate, our friendly window shutter designers will review the many ways we can meet such challenges. You’ll discover that the solutions can be quite dramatic, especially in a master bedroom, entry way, the front of the house, or special locations within your home.

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