Choosing Slate Sizes for Window Shutters

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All window shutters in Folsom, CA are made with slats or louvres. Both the terms slats and louvers both refer to the movable horizontal pieces of wood which form the major part of the shutter panel. Slats are available in a range of sizes, usually between 2.5 and 4.5 inches wide. These different slat sizes are intended to allow homeowners more customization for their shutters. With all the different sizes, though, how are you supposed to choose?

There are four main factors to think about when choosing the slat size for your window shutters:

  • Recess Depth – You need to make sure your slats have enough room to operate, so you need to take recess depth into consideration. Make sure there is enough room for the slats to make a full open rotation without hitting an obstruction like hardware, locks or handles or hitting the window glass. There needs to be at least ¾ of an inch depth. For example, 3-inch slats need at least 2.75 inches of depth. There are ways to add extra depth, such as using an inside mount L-frame and pulling it out past the edge of the window or using an outside mount.
  • Proportions – You also need to consider how the slat size will look when compared to your window. You don’t want giant slats on a tiny window, or tiny slats on a giant window. For example, a very tall window would look impressive with large slats but would look too busy with small slats. However, if you plan on using a tier on tier style shutter or adding a mid-rail you can probably get away with smaller slats on a tall window. If you’re completely lost on what size to use, 3.5 inches is a happy medium that will look good on most window sizes.
  • Traditional or Modern – Think about home style when choosing slat size. Wider slats look more modern as they have fewer lines and more visibility. Smaller slats are more suited for colonial, cottage or traditional home décor.
  • Natural Light Preferences – Slat size doesn’t matter when the slats are fully closed, but it does matter when the shutter panels are closed but the slats are open because of natural light. Smaller slats will keep out more sunlight and offer more privacy when completely or partially open, while larger slats allow for greater visibility and more natural light when open.

There are both pros and cons to large and small slat sizes alike, so all that matters is that you’re happy with the size and that they work with your needs and preferences.

If you’re not sure what size you need or want to learn more about your options for Folsom, CA window shutters, please reach out to The Shutter Source. We offer premium shutter services from 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, and are happy to offer you any guidance you may need. Please give us a call at (877) 333-9424 today for more information.