Choosing a Color for Your Window Shutters

window shutters to your Elk Grove, CA

Adding window shutters to your Elk Grove, CA house can also bring your home lots of style and personality! Window shutters don’t just help with the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. You can choose from a wide range of window shutter styles to bring some personality to your home. You can also choose the color of your new window shutters.

From neutral to bold, the color of your window shutters is a big part of your home’s style. Once you choose the window style and type of the frame for your shutters you have to choose the color. There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing the color for your shutters, such as:

Interior and Exterior – You don’t have to have your shutters the same color on the interior and the exterior. In fact, many homes have shutters that are one color on the outside and a different color on the inside.

Matching – While you don’t have to have your shutters the same color on the interior and the exterior, you do need to make sure that your shutters’ colors match either your interior walls or your exterior walls. Be sure to take the color of your walls and exterior of your house into consideration when choosing shutters color. You need to be sure that the color of your shutters matches or compliments the color of your walls. You don’t want to choose a color that clashes or competes, as that will look tacky or overwhelming. Try consulting a color wheel or your shutters expert to help you choose a color that works.

Wood – There are also lots of different wood colors and stains if you choose wood shutters. From light oak and cherry to dark oak, wood shutters are always beautiful.

No Color – Just because shutters come in colors doesn’t mean that you have to choose to have a color. White and off-white shutters are timeless, clean, and classic. They will match any home décor or design so you don’t have to worry about what will happen if you choose to repaint or redesign a room in the future. White shutters are also a good compromise if you can’t decide on a bolder color.

House Shutter Colors

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Going Neutral – Oftentimes a bold shutter color would clash too much with your existing home design. Neutrals are often a simple and stylish choice for window shutters to make the color scheme consistent and complimentary throughout your home. Good neutral shutter colors that work well are beiges, off-whites, browns, tans, and almonds. These hues add depth to your window and room design without clashing or drawing too much attention.

Going Bold – You can also go bold with your shutter color. If you have a more neutral exterior or have simple interior walls, you can certainly choose a window shutter with a bit more personality and flair.

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