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5 Window Treatment Ideas for Arched Windows

Arched windows add a unique flair to any building. However, to make windows look their best and keep the light out, you need the right window treatments, which is where arched windows pose a distinct challenge for homeowners.

If you have or want arched windows in your home, then you’ll want to seek the best of northern California’s quality window treatments. But where do you start? Here are five of the best window treatment ideas for arched windows that will take your home to the next level.

1. Hang Drapery Around Them

Drapery might be the most popular choice for arched window coverings, and it’s easy to see why. Drapes are incredibly versatile, offer window shade, and can completely cover the window while allowing natural light inside.

Drapery is also interior designers’ preferred solution for oversized arched windows. See if you can motorize your drapes to ease opening and closing them throughout the day.

2. Utilize Shades for Peak Performance

Shades for arched windows are a classic solution since they emphasize the windows’ luxurious aesthetic. If your arched window is on the smaller side, consider installing Roman shades at the base of the window’s arch so natural light can enter even when the rest of the window has coverage.

Want a bit more climate control within your room? Cellular shades are a fantastic option for functionality and enhanced energy efficiency.

3. Stick to a Simple Color Scheme

Perhaps the realm of window treatment ideas for arched windows has you overwhelmed and wanting a more straightforward solution. Your arched window might be in a minimally colored room, which means a simple color scheme is only appropriate. Choosing lightweight drapes or curtains with a white or light gray color can add a simple yet effective touch that still complements your window.

4. Go for a Contrasting Look

If subtlety and simplicity aren’t your preference, then contrasting colors with your drapes is a great way to make your window space pop. You can also incorporate two different solutions simultaneously, such as concertina blinds for the arched section and silk curtains for the rest.

5. Try a Custom-Fit Solution

Many window coverings only cover the bottom of the arch and downward, providing a constant source of ambient light. But if you want a more tailor-made solution, you have options!

Custom-fit blinds and sheer voiles can give you utility by covering the entire window, including the arched part, while adding a distinct style to match your window’s appearance.

Get Professional Arched Window Treatments Today With The Shutter Source

Choosing from the many window treatment ideas for arched windows can stump many homeowners as they decide how to decorate their shaped windows. Whether you need help measuring blinds for windows or are looking for inspiration, The Shutter Source has you covered. With 30 years of industry experience, you can rely on us to provide expert service through our quality window treatments while fitting within your budget. Reach out to The Shutter Source at (916) 546-0052 and discover how we can enhance your home today!
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