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Four Ideas for Traditional Window Treatments

What Are Traditional Window Treatments?

Traditional window treatments reminisce about an earlier time. They draw inspiration from the distant past—18th century England, the French countryside, or any era one finds appealing—to provide a stately blend of style and function. These features are still popular today because they offer homeowners elegance and regality, along with a huge range of design options.

The Shutter Source offers premium window treatments in Northern California. Below, the team shares four ideas for window treatments that offer a more traditional aesthetic.

Ideas for Window Treatments That Harness The Best Traditional Designs and Features

#1 Drapes

Drapes are a truly beautiful traditional window treatment. When they border a framed window, these treatments use regal, thick fabrics in a variety of ornate patterns, colors, and textures. Cotton, silk, linen, and wool are the most common fabric choices for drapes.

Many homeowners love how drapes afford extra control over natural light, as they come in a variety of opacity levels. Drapes also provide ample thermal insulation and privacy, certainly a reason why many past societies saw these window coverings as a luxurious decor choice.

#2 Blinds

Blinds provide impressive flexibility and durability. Lightweight by nature, they work best for natural light control in subdued shades. Traditional blinds generally offer a choice between faux wood, composite, and natural wood blinds.

  • Faux wood blinds offer the aesthetics of the real thing but at a better price point. Additional durability further defines these unique treatments. 
  • Composite blends use synthetic materials for greater style variation that still fits traditional designs. 
  • Natural wood blinds provide the timeless beauty of rich, authentic wood, a central theme in any traditional aesthetic.

#3 Shutters

Shutters are already a traditional window treatment, and amid a crowded field, they offer something unique. It could be a subtle yet nostalgic look reminiscent of the old French countryside. Even so, shutters provide a regal yet simple look that fits in anywhere.

Shutters come in a variety of colors, with various stains, patterns, and synthetic materials, offering you a range of choices for how you want to offset your room’s design elements. For example, you might consider white shutters shine as a peaceful, delicate pairing for a well-lit space.

#4 Shades

Shades excel at providing an alternative window treatment to the traditional types. In particular, the rich, hefty fabric of Roman shades provides an earthy or natural look that complements warm, beige tones with sublime beauty. They come in a plethora of fabrics, colors, and patterns, too.

If you’re not interested in Roman shades, sheer shades provide an equally unique look that doesn’t cut corners on functionality. They excel at heat protection, which makes for an exciting synthesis of traditional and modern aesthetics with innovative qualities.

Work With The Professionals in California For Window Treatments

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