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Low-Maintenance Landscaping for Curb Appeal

You want your home to have good curb appeal, meaning you want your home to look nice from the outside. But beyond updating or adding window shutters to your Elk Grove, CA home, how can you boost your curb appeal? Try some landscaping! Even better, try some low-maintenance landscaping. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider Hardscape – A great way to reduce landscaping upkeep without losing out on beauty or interest is to add hardscaping like retaining walls, patios, and walkways. Not only do these items look good and offer functions like places to sit and walk, but they also help avoid a runoff. Look for quality materials like pea stone, shale, stacked stone, or pavers.
  • Add Living Space – While expansive, lush lawns are pretty, they take a lot of work to maintain. Reduce your mowing time and add functional space by creating an outdoor living space. Try adding a deck or a patio that you can use for relaxing, outdoor dining, or even working from home. Don’t forget about items for the kids like playhouses, swings, and jungle gyms.
  • Know Your Zone – the USDA has a zone guide that will help you choose plants that will thrive in your area. As you choose shrubs, trees, grass, and other plants for your yard, look for the zone tag to reduce your care time.
  • Shop Native – While palm trees and evergreens are gorgeous, they each thrive in very different climates and should therefore best be left to live in those climates. Choose plants that are native to your area to reduce maintenance time and increase the effortless beauty of your yard.
  • Investigate Xeriscaping – Xeriscaping is designing a landscape plan with drought-tolerant plants and rock ground cover, so it doesn’t need irrigation. The benefits of xeriscaping include fewer weeds, less general maintenance, and less fertilizing. Plus, using rock ground cover, mulch, rock gardens, and native plants can be very beautiful and calming.
  • Avoid Messy Trees – Some trees are stunning in the spring but come summer and fall they shed messy pods, fruit, and branches that necessitate continuous cleanup. Choose trees that won’t need constant cleaning or pruning to save time and maintenance.
  • Edge Flower Beds – Permanently edged flower beds look clean, tidy, and fresh year after year with minimal maintenance. Use materials like bricks, pavers, plastic, or rocks to edge your flower beds.
  • Learn Your Grass Height – Different types of grasses need to be mowed to different heights. Learn your particular grass height so you aid root development and kill weeds. Another pro tip: leave your grass clippings on the grass. They act as great natural fertilizer, plus they will save you clean-up time.

If you’re updating your landscaping, don’t forget to keep the exterior of your home stylish and fresh with window shutters. Boosting both style and function, shutters are an excellent addition to any home.

Want more tips for updating your home or more information on Elk Grove, CA window shutters? Get in touch with The Shutter Source today.

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Chuck Wilton

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