Upgrade Your Whole Look With Window Shutters in Napa, CA

Few things can completely revamp a space as fresh window shutters do. The Shutter Source is a certified vendor and installer for several top brands of window shutters in Napa, CA. We also offer blinds and shades in a variety of customizable finishes. Set the tone of your space with an elegant, classic, or modern twist on our gorgeous shutters and window coverings.

Beautifully designed window covers can draw the eye and take your home or business setting from lackluster to fabulous. Our clients rave about how wonderful their spaces feel after they receive their new products. In addition to offering the highest quality products, our pricing and turnaround times are difficult to beat. With experts who’ve spent 40+ years in the industry, you can trust us to help you find the perfect products for your space and budget.


Types of Window Shutters in Napa, CA to Finish Your Spaces

window shutters napa ca 300x133The Shutter Source is pleased to offer you a variety of choices for shutters. There are three main types of shutters we commonly sell. Our Duracore Shutter line boasts low-maintenance products at an amazingly affordable price. These are just as beautiful as wood shutters but are made from very strong and hard-wearing materials without the higher price point.

In fact, Duracore Shutters use the most up-to-date technology with a highly rated polymer finish over an aluminum core for each slat. This means there is no risk of bowed, warped, or cracked pieces. The warranty is so comprehensive. It is even transferable if your home or building is sold. You can expect no peeling, yellowing, or other dilapidation over time, but that lifetime warranty will cover you just in case.

A word about the ease of care with Duracore products is in order here. The finish is designed to be anti-static and dust resistant. Yes, it actually repels the dust from taking hold. How is that for low maintenance? They are also designed to be moisture resistant and fire retardant. Duracore Shutters are extremely helpful by adding to the insulation factor of your windows and doors, keeping inside temperatures more constant year-round.

In addition to Duracore Shutters, we are pleased to offer the highest quality authentic wood shutters. Our most popular wood shutters are sustainably sourced from Northern Basswood. Harvested from Asia, the midwestern United States, and Southern California, the wood is kiln-dried to an appropriate moisture content for the west coast where we are located. Basswood also has the natural benefit of being resistant to cracking and warping.

Our wood shutters also have extensive warranties covering all of the moving parts and joinery construction. These are designed to be long-lasting and to add a luxurious touch to the very finest homes and office buildings they adorn. Each shutter piece is sealed and sanded multiple times and has many layers of protective coats and finishes for complete coverage. If you are seeking wooden window shutters in Napa, CA, these are simply the best there are.

The Shutter Source is also a proud dealer of exterior window shutters. This affordable and classic option can improve curb appeal and enhance the architectural design. These exterior-mounted shutters come in a variety of materials, including:

  • Vinyl: Made from polyvinyl chloride, these decorative shutters are easily installed and come in a variety of color choices. Each custom color is infused within the compound when it is being created. The design is hollow with an open back that is attached to the external wall surface. The standard sizes can be customized to your desired length. This option is the most budget-friendly, and it looks great.
  • Wood: As the most versatile shutter option, these have practically unlimited design possibilities. It could be designed to function or simply act as a decorative finish. However, wooden shutters do require regular maintenance for a long lifespan.
  • MDF: These shutters are made from medium-density fiberboard. They offer a non-hollow alternative to the vinyl shutters. In addition, they look much more like the pricier wooden shutters but can be provided in decorative styles only. Finally, high-quality installation is a must since these cannot withstand excessive moisture.
  • Fiberglass: The most durable shutters available with low maintenance needs are our fiberglass shutters. These come in both functional and decorative designs. Fiberglass shutters may fade over many years of use but can be easily repainted to look refreshed when needed.


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If you are ready to take the next steps in selecting quality custom shutters for your home or business, call The Shutter Source. With so many options available for window shutters in Napa, CA, we are sure to be able to help. Our showroom includes our products that you can see in person at 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir, Ste K, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742. Call (877) 333-9424 to schedule your free in-home estimate to get your shutters ordered right away.