Refresh Your Kitchen with Window Shutters

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Spring is traditionally a time of refreshing, cleaning, and restyling. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, why not do a little kitchen refresh as well? After all, your kitchen is probably the hardest working room in your house and could most likely use a little TLC. Use these simple ways to refresh your kitchen for spring, like adding new window shutters to your Elk Grove, CA home, as inspiration.

  • Make it Smell Good – Spring definitely has a different scent than winter. So, if you’re still burning your holiday candles or using a cinnamon diffuser, it’s time to make your kitchen smell like spring. Try fresh scents like mint, citrus, or light florals.
  • Get New Window Shutters – Whether you’ve recently added new replacement windows or not, a quick way to breathe new life into your kitchen with some new window treatments – like window shutters. You can also try out a new curtain color or have fun with new shades. If you don’t have it in your budget for totally new treatments, at least take your existing ones down and give them a thorough cleaning.
  • Clean – The most effective and efficient way to refresh your kitchen or any room in your house, is to give it a good clean. The best place to start is with your counters. Take everything off your countertops and give them a serious wipe down, and then only replace the items that are absolutely essential or decorative. No one likes a busy countertop. Work your way down from the countertops and finish with the floor.
  • Add Some Color – White or otherwise neutral kitchens are super trendy these days, but that doesn’t mean that you want a space that’s completely devoid of color – especially in the springtime. Refresh your kitchen by adding a fresh pop of color with a new rug, a new piece of art, or even some small new decorations like decorative bowls, candles, or even a bowl of fruit out on the counter.
  • Bring in Some Greenery – Nothing says, “Hello spring!” quite like fresh flowers or houseplants. Bring a little bit of nature into your kitchen with some greenery like a bouquet of fresh flowers, succulents, herbs, or ferns. If you’re worried about sunlight or maintenance – it’s hard to remember to water them all the time – then try fake plants.
  • Switch Out Your Towels – Kitchen towels work hard, so they can get rundown, threadbare, or stained quickly. Since at least one kitchen towel is out every day, investing in a new set is a great way to refresh your kitchen. Pro tip: get white ones. Why? They’re easy to bleach when they get stained.

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These are just a few quick and simple ways you can make your kitchen fresh for spring. The Shutter Source is here to help if you want more tips on décor or Elk Grove, CA window shutters. Stop by and pay us a visit or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.