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Unsurpassed Beauty

When your friends, family, and neighbors see Duracore Shutters™ installed in your home, they will agree that your new shutters are among the most beautiful window coverings in the world, as beautiful as the finest wood shutter. And nobody will guess just how affordable they really are!

Ease of Care and Low Maintenance

Duracore Shutters™ were developed to provide maximum durability and easy of care. This means that you can expect their beauty to endure for many years, with minimal care. Because they are a high-integrity polymer foam co-extruded over a sturdy aluminum core, they will never warp, bend, crack, or bow, and come with a genuine lifetime warranty that is transferable in the event you sell your home.


Because of the affordability of Duracore Shutters™, there is no longer any need to “make do” with inferior shutters made of cheap plastic or painted particle board (MDF). And no longer do you need to pay top dollar for a quality shutter. Accept no substitute – choose The Safe Choice, No Worry Shutter™: genuine, affordable custom Duracore Shutters™.

You will take pride in the exquisite beauty of the finish of Duracore Shutters™, featuring its famous Celuka extruded surface and baked-on waterborne paint. Duracore Shutter’s™ painted finish will never peel, crack, discolor, or yellow and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Duracore Shutters™ finish is also anti-static and dust resistant—it actually repels dust and requires little maintenance.

Energy Efficient, Green, Non-toxic, and Safe

Duracore Shutters™ protect your home against heat, cold, moisture and sunlight. Unlike cheap plastic or particle board (MDF) substitutes, they are Moisture Resistant and Fire Retardant. Because of their durability under everyday conditions of sunlight and moisture, with minimal care and maintenance, they will retain their beauty for many years.

Homeowners are always surprised by Duracore Shutter’s™ energy efficiency, reporting insulation against heat and cold that is twice that of wood, often up to 20 degrees difference! Greenguard Certification means that Duracore Shutters™ are non-toxic and manufactured according to environmentally-friendly Green standards.

Duracore Shutters™ are The Safe Choice, No Worry™ shutter, protected by a thorough, transferable Lifetime Warranty that covers the finish, construction, moving parts, and installation.

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