Kitchen Window Treatment Tips

window shutters, for your Sacramento, CA

Finding the right window treatment, like window shutters, for your Sacramento, CA home, can be tricky. This is especially true when you’re shopping for your kitchen windows. You want to not only be pleased with the lighting or shading that comes from the windows in your kitchen, but also rest assured that the covering can hold up to the daily wear and tear that goes in your kitchen.

If you’re getting ready to shop for kitchen window treatments like shutters or other kinds, you should keep these questions in mind to give you inspiration and guidance:

  • Do I Want My Window Treatment To Match My Molding? If you have painted walls with different colored molding around the ceilings, floors, and windows, you will probably want to match your window coverings to the color of the molding for a seamless and sophisticated feel.
  • Should I Match My Cabinets? This is another instance in which the secondary color of the kitchen space, like the molding or floor, should compliment the window coverings. If you have cabinets with more than one color you should get window coverings that match the cabinet’s secondary colors. Be careful that you do not match your coverings to the main color of your cabinets, as that would be too overwhelming for the eyes. However, if you have neutral cabinets in browns, whites or black, your window coverings can be pretty much any color you want.
  • Do I Want My Window Treatment to Match My Flooring? While you don’t want to go too far with matching, it’s a good idea to have your window coverings fit in with your floor coloring. For example, if you have white molding, dark blue walls and warm golden flooring, your windows would look great with warm, golden color window coverings. This seamless design helps tie the entire room together without being too ostentatious. Also, having corresponding window coverings and flooring will help the room look bigger as it will draw the eyes upwards.
  • What About The Countertops? Matching window treatments and countertops can be tricky. Theoretically, if your countertops match with your cabinets, they will therefore match your window coverings. However, if they are the same color as your cabinets you do not want to have your window coverings be that color as that would be too much. But, if your countertops and your cabinets complement each other, then you can emphasize either color with your window covering.

Kitchens can get away with being busy or complex, but be careful you don’t go too far with it. You can always go simple with your main pieces, like the window shutters in Bay area and cabinets, and add interest with smaller elements like artwork or countertop décor. Finding the right window treatments for your kitchen windows is really all about how you want the room to look and feel.

If you want more help or inspiration for the windows in your kitchen, or would like to learn more about Sacramento, CA window shutters, just reach out to The Shutter Source by visiting 11265 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste K Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, or calling (877) 333-9424.