Keeping your Home Cool With Window Shutters

window shutters to your Folsom, CA

Just step outside and you’ll know: we are in a full summer heat wave. With temperatures rising, and no end in sight, how will you prepare your home to deal with the heat? One solution you might not have thought of before is adding window shutters to your Folsom, CA home.

Temperatures are much higher than we’re used to right now, leaving many homeowners relying heavily on their air conditioners. While AC is a good short-term solution, you really shouldn’t have your air conditioner on full blast full time. Air conditioning not only puts a lot of strain on your home’s electrical system, but also costs a lot of money. You most surely have noticed your electric bill skyrocketing in past summers. This extra energy spending is also bad for the environment, as most homes these days are still powered by negative energy sources.

You could try a fan, but it most likely won’t cut it in these high temperatures. There also isn’t much hope in waiting for building standards to change, or new technology to be invented. With fans, AC, and advancements off the table, what can you do? You can go back to an age-old solution that’s both effective and stylish: window shutters.

Window shutters are very effective at blocking excess sun, and therefore additional heat, during the day, helping keep your home cool without costing any money or using any energy. If you keep your window shutters closed during the day, you will most likely see a dramatic temperature difference without any excess energy usage. You can also open your shutters in the evening and at night for a cool breeze and extra ventilation.

Window shutters aren’t just useful in the height of summer. They also keep heat inside your home during the winter, and can provide extra ventilation and shade in the spring and fall. What’s more, shutters are also very stylish, and can add some flair and curb appeal to your home in no time at all. They add elegance, timelessness and comfort to any home. Their style, ease of function and energy efficiency can also bring up your home’s property value, making you even more money if you ever decide to sell or refinance.

People buy shutters for many different reasons. No matter what your reason is, or be it because you love shutters’ stylish simplicity, or they seem to be the most practical solution for you and your windows, or your lifestyle, window shutters won’t let you down.

There are lots of different kinds of shutters to choose from, each offering different variations on the same solution. For example, if you want to heat inside during the winter, and let some air in during the summer, you should check out full height shutters as they cover the whole window, thereby allowing you to open the left and right panels independently of each other.

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