How To Find The Best Deal On Shutters

As a homeowner, you can definitely find high quality shutters at a reasonable price.   Your best bet is to gather a little product knowledge so that you know which shutter you will be happiest with–that way you will get the best deal available for your shutters.  The fact is that there are many different kinds of shutters available to you, but some are definitely better than others.  Because shutters tend to be more expensive than other window coverings, you will want to make the right choice–an informed choice–before meeting with a salesperson.

By taking a few minutes to make a truly informed choice, you can save money and enjoy the finest shutters on the market.  A fine shutter should last virtually as long as a home does, requiring only minimal maintenance and cleaning, and provide all of the beauty and ease of use that you’re looking for.  It should hold its value and come with a transferable warranty.  Make sure that the warranty for your shutters is either lifetime for synthetic or at least 25 years for wood, and that the shutter warranty includes service and covers construction, installation, moving parts, and the painted or stained finish.  Taking these things into consideration should enable you to find a great shutter deal.

Shutters are either made of wood or synthetic material.  Wood shutters tend to be more expensive and there are many different kinds of wood available–basswood, incense cedar, alder, poplar, engineered wood, and so on.  For most homes, basswood is the preferred wood.  It is a stable, light hardwood that holds a beautiful finish well.  And because basswood shutters are less expensive than most other wood shutters,  it is not only the preferred wood but also a great value.  Depending upon the vendor, a homeowner should be able to find great basswood shutters on sale for a dollar price ranging from the mid-$20’s to the mid-$60’s per square foot, more if they are stained rather than painted.

Synthetic shutters basically come in three grades:  hollow plastic, composite, and foamed synthetic.  Although hollow plastic shutters (called plastic, vinyl, etc.) may be found at really low prices–even $18 per square foot–they look plasticky and will soon usually wear and tear, discoloration, and broken parts within a few years.  We advise homeowners to avoid such products.  Composite grade shutters usually combine a kind of wood strip or particle board such as MDF with a painted or plastic-coated finish.  They often have a fine appearance at first but are also vulnerable to wear and tear and weathering.  For the same or slightly higher price point than medium-grade composite shutters, you can purchase foamed synthetic shutters, which are the premium synthetic shutter available today.  The best foamed synthetic shutters are reinforced with an inner aluminum frame for greater stability.  They are not only beautiful but are the most durable shutters out there.  And they are very energy efficient and often certified green building materials.  You can get a great deal on foamed synthetic shutters, with a square foot price ranging from the mid-$20’s to the mid-$60’s.  At The Shutter Source, we offer a superb foamed synthetic shutter, Duracore Shutters™, which we feel is the finest shutter on the market today.

You can read more about the different kinds of shutters available on A Consumer’s Guide to Shutter Construction and Material, featured on our website, or call us at 1-877-333-9424!