How to Cover Small Windows in 3 Creative Ways

Small windows can be a blessing and a curse. While they don’t take up too much wall space, they don’t let as much natural light into your home, which could make the room look less spacious. Thankfully, if making a room look bigger is a priority, knowing how to cover small windows helps.

Below are Shutter Source’s top three creative methods for covering small windows so that you can elevate your Northern California home with ease.

#1 Shutters Balance Function and Style Beautifully

Any window with high-quality shutters in California adds an air of elegance, whether they’re real or faux wood shutters. If you mount them within the window frame, they create a minimalistic feel. And because the slats open flat, your room will always receive optimal sunlight as needed.

If you want to lessen the UV rays that enter your home, angle the slats diagonally. Otherwise, turn them vertically for optimal privacy. Shutters also come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and finishes, so you can choose a hue that matches your interior design concept or contrast it to make the smallest windows stand out more. 

#2 Curtains Frame the Space to Trick the Eye

Clerestory windows found in basements are short windows that sit high on your walls, leaving plenty of vacant space below them. You could fill that space with furniture, like beds or dressers. However, there’s also an opportunity to create an illusion by installing long curtains or drapes.

These softer, longer window coverings draw the eyes vertically. If your windows are also narrow, extend the rod and spread the curtains wider for greater impact. However, be sure to choose a fabric that works.

For instance, Shutter Source’s experts advise steering clear of fringes, swags, and other overly decorative elements. These additions will block more of the window, making them seem even tinier.

#3 Frosted Glass Has Countless Benefits

Sometimes, knowing how to cover small windows doesn’t require a window treatment at all! Why not focus on the surfaces of the windows themselves? For example, you could incorporate a frosted or stained glass appearance.

Frosted glass makes for energy-efficient window types and provides a minimalistic yet decorative approach to privacy. It makes natural glass colors opaque to limit UV rays and nosy passersby, but it doesn’t have to be overly decorative. While stained glass allows light into the room, it’s more for those who want to add a bit of art to doors and windows to make these features a focal point.

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When you have small, awkward windows, figuring out how to incorporate them into your interior design can be difficult. No matter your goal, experts like Shutter Source know everything there is to know about how to cover small windows in Northern California for amazing results. Shutter Source’s top designers and builders have partnered with the best brands for over 40 years, including Hunter Douglas and Norman. So, place craftsmanship at the forefront of your custom job and call (916) 546-0052. We can help, whether you’re choosing shutter colors or considering your next window upgrade!
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