Bathroom Privacy with Window Shutters

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Finding the right window treatments for your bathroom can be a bit tricky. You want your bathroom to be filled with lovely sunlight, but you also want your bathroom to be private. What do you do? Luckily, there are a few different kinds of window treatments, like Elk Grove, CA window shutters, that allow you to have both natural light and privacy in the bathroom.

Use this list of bathroom window treatments to inspire your bathroom décor and window design:

  • Window Shutters – Shutters, like planation shutters, give you the best of both natural light and privacy in the bathroom. They are ideal for use in bathrooms for a few reasons, First, you can open the shutters to let in as much light as you can possibly want and then close them again to get the privacy you need in a bathroom. But shutters take things one step further as you can also adjust the louvers to let in natural light while still getting privacy. Second, shutters are great for use in bathrooms as their midrails allow for even more light and privacy customization. A midrail splits a shutter into two sections, a bottom half and a top half, so that you can have one part closed for privacy and the other part open for natural light. Shutters with midrails are especially helpful in bathrooms that have double hung windows as they allow you to open the top portion of your window along with the top slats of your shutter for fresh air that balances with privacy.
  • Cellular Shades – Cellular shades are similar to shutters in that they allow for customization of privacy and light, but they are not made out of hardwood or materials but are instead made out of fabrics for a lighter look. Cellular shades come in top-down and bottom-up varieties so you can the shades upward from the bottom of the window or downward from the top of the window as needed or desired. These window treatments come in tons of different kinds of materials, fabrics, and thicknesses to give you even more control over the amount of natural light in your bathroom. Plus, you can also pair shades with curtains for even more style. You can combine cellular shades with semi-sheer decorative curtains for style and still enjoy all the privacy you could ever want in a bathroom.
  • Faux Wood Blinds – Faux wood blinds are generally assembled with horizontal slats, almost like shutter louvers. These slats can be adjusted up, down, and at various points in between to give you some privacy when you need it but also to let in natural light. While there are lots of different kinds of blinds out there to choose from, faux wood blinds are the best choice for use in a bathroom because they can stand up to high levels of humidity and moisture and are very easy to wipe clean.

Bathroom Window Shutters

The use of shutters in the bathroom creates a brighter environment.

The bathroom is a place that should be bright and cheery. Shutter fabrics are perfect for making the room feel welcoming, as they let plenty of natural light into your space while also providing privacy from prying eyes outside or inside. 

A sheer curtain is a simple and beautiful solution if you’re concerned about privacy or the sunlight can be too strong at times. Another elegant alternative is a blind, and a half blind can cover the lower half of a window, which is especially useful next to a bathtub. Shutters may also be beneficial, depending on the size of the window and the style of your bathroom. Window treatments offer texture as well as shade to a room, giving it a new dimension. Just make sure they don’t completely block out light though.

Why Should You Get Bathroom Window Shutters?

  1. To enhance privacy and security.
  2. For ventilation that helps to cool the bathroom in summer and add heat during winter
  3. To improve the shower experience. When you’re in the mood for a little pampering with luxurious hot showers, bubble baths or spa-like effects, it won’t compromise the natural light.
  4. For privacy whilst undergoing personal activities such as using the toilet, installing a window shutter system near the window would separate this area from any view from outside of your house. 
  5. Since bathrooms are typically one of the most energy intensive rooms inside a home due to high use of water, gas and electric heating for showering, commode flushing and venting demands, one would surely save money on utilities once window shutters are placed.

Are bathroom shutters a good idea?

Plantation shutters are a good choice for your bathroom. They can be in the humidity and wetness. Polyvinyl won’t bend or rot, and it doesn’t discolor either, so they last a long time.

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